Kutiman - Thru You Too - GIVE IT UP
MERCI Yannis

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EZ3kiel - Anonymous (feat. Pierre Mottron)
BRAND NEW : EZ3kiel are BACK

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Paolo Nutini

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"When I drive I’m in control. I take out all my frustration and all my fears. When I drive, I only see open road." "Noor Daoud, member of the Speed Sisters racing team from occupied Palestine
Speed Sisters is a documentary film about the Middle East’s first all-women motor racing team, which has come together in the occupied West Bank. Against a backdrop of social and political upheaval, Speed Sisters presents an inspiring look into the drive to be true to oneself, no matter the obstacles.
Speed Sisters the film is currently in production. speedsisters.tv
Please help us bring the film to life: donate.speedsisters.tv
Video directed and edited by Amber Fares
Produced by SocDoc Studios
Performed by Y.A.S
(Mirwais Ahmadzaï, Abdelouab Abrit)
© Tora Bora Publishing
℗ Les Productions 50/50
Courtesy of Universal Music France”

Speed Sisters has been selected by the sundance institute to participate in 2014 documentary edit and story labs. : more info.

Y.A.S was a project of Mirwais and Yasmine Hamdan, you should check her

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To celebrate the release of The Sound of Siam volume 2 compilers Chris Menist and Maft Sai put together this mix for us.

The Sound of Siam volume 2 - Molam & Luk Thung Isan from North-East Thailand 1970 - 1982 

Soundway’s second foray into South East Asia is focused on North-East Thailand, the epicentre of Molam and Luk Thung Isan music. Hypnotic phin & khaen riffs, pulsing, electrified country rhythms and heartfelt vocals punctuate another journey into the lesser known reaches of 1970s Thai music.

The first volume of The Sound of Siam, released in 2011, was the first introduction for many to the artistry and innovations of modern Thai music. One of the most popular compilations on Soundway Records the music even made it onto the big screen with ‘Mae Jom Ka Lon’ by Dao Bandon featured on the soundtrack of ‘The Hangover Part II’. In an interview with LA Times Mick Jagger spoke of discovering the collection that “some nutter put together” after hearing the riff from Jumpin’ Jack Flash on one of the tracks from the compilation.



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Seasick Steve - Diddley bow

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Sélection 100% 45 Tours Rare Grooves From French Caribbean(Biguine, Rumba, Mazurka, Compas, Tumbélé,…)!

1.Django Contre Zorro by Andre Redo et ses Guitars Boys
2.Gadé La Comète La by Henri Méthalie
3.Rosa by Jolène Nayaradou
4.Bobiner by Maxi-Twenty
5.Moceau Cann’La by Simon Jurad et La Perfecta
6.Dépi Moin Tout Piti by Jean-Claude Toribio
7.Dachine La by Marius Cultier
8.Kimbé Raid Pa Moli by Jean-Claude Toribio
9.Joromi by Les Gett’s
10.Mauvais Conseilleur by Typical Singer
11.Kelouna by Ry-Co Jazz
12.Mariella by Les Supers Jaguars
13.Rosemarie by Les Masteful
14.Inflacion by Tabou Combo
15.Choc Vikings by Les Supers Jaguars
16.Tobina Cha by Ry-Co Jazz For more tunes like these you should check Tumbélé on Soundway Records


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FUMAÇA PRETA’s hard hitting, free-wheeling debut LP brings together elements of tropicalia, psychedelic rock, fuzz funk, musique concrete, acid house, radiophonic electronics, hair metal, voodoo and African, Brazilian and Latin rhythms. Beaming down from another planet and sonically stretching across decades, ‘FUMAÇA PRETA’ will be released on Soundway Records on 15th September.

FUMAÇA PRETA (pronounced Foomassa Pretta – meaning Black Smoke) started as a studio experiment when Alex Figueira, a Portuguese-Venezuelan producer and percussionist, invited some old friends to join him in the tiny analogue studio he built on the back of his house in Amsterdam.

After producing 2 critically acclaimed 45s, Fumaça Preta continued to work in the Barracão Sound Laboratory, swiftly producing their debut album. All musical boundaries collapsed during recording as the band drew upon their vast array of varied influences.

Live, FUMAÇA PRETA becomes a quintet that swerves in and out of endless musical avenues but never loses the rock solid heavy psychedelic groove that drives them.


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Solo andata - Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino
Lyrics by Erri de Luca, about the African migrants in the Mediterranean sea : pretty emotional and quite wonderful !

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Maga Bo - Kafundo Mixtape via Le Gouter

1. Combo X - Bua Sound All Day
2. Kradadash - Quero Ver o Baile Todo
3. MC Thiaguinho - Essa Noite Eu Vou Ficar Com Voce (Prod. Carlos Nunez)
4. Buju Banton - Champion (Maga Bo Remix)
5. Sacal - Ela Tomava Cha (Priceless Signature Riddim (Lena British/Jam 2 Prod))
6. MC Nandinho - Joga Teia
7. MC Hallyson - Ritmo de Putaria (DJ Toddy)
8. FurmigaDub & Atômico MC - Forró do Ragga
9. Zé Brown - Eu Valorizo
10. Maga Bo - Rapinbolada Instrumental
11. Lucio K - Bahea!
12. Omulu vs. Comrade - Bagulho Doido
13. Chuck Upbeat - Baile Folk Girls (Carlos Nunez Remix)
14. Ba-Boom - Mano Sujou
15. Bemba Trio - Melô do Vatapá
16. Mauro Telefunksoul & A.MA.$$A - Apache Nagoh (Rasteira Edit)
17. Samba de Coco Raízes de Arcoverde - Seu Maya (Thor Thornato Remix)
18. Stank - Godê Pavão
19. Flying Buff - Salve Xango
20. Tropkillaz & Leo Justi - Deixa Eu Dizer (Desabafo)
21. Lord Breu - Nago Squad
22. DJ Mangaio & Coletivo di Tambor - Carimbó Remix
23. Neguedmundo - Toca Aí (Buguinha Remix)
24. Som Peba - Pagodão Porra
25. ??? - Cadê o Amarildo
26. DJ BAMBAM - 130 Um Minuto de Pandeirinho Bolado 2013
27. DJ BAMBAM - 1 Minuto de Beat
28. DJ BAMBAM - 130 Beat 2013 - 2 Minutos - 130 BPM
29. Karol Conka - Caxambu
30. Sistema de Som Pesadão - Trap das Armas
31. Xão Productions - Dominei feat. MC Ialy & Dughettu
32. DaGanja - Tá No Ar
33. Russo Passapusso - Matuto
34. Grupo Bongar - Vem Amor


This project marks the launch of a brand new music label, Kafundó Records, by the two Rio de Janeiro based
Brazilian music experts, Maga Bo and Wolfram Lange (of the Soundgoods blog.). It also marks the initiation of a new partnership for Dutty Artz. We hope that this horizontal partnership between two independent labels will serve as a model for international collaboration in the global music industry. The music presented also reflects the desire to usher in a new Brazilian social reality…

“Kafundó” means a far away and isolated place in Brazilian Portuguese. Beyond the favela/asfalto binary that exists in Brazil’s urban areas, there are alternative spaces that exist both within and outside the city. These places are “far away” from traditional Brazilian social politics. The most commonly recognized such place is the Afro-Brazilian “quilombo” the Brazilian version of a maroon community or a “palenque”. This third space within the Brazilian social geography is the source material of inspiration for many of the songs on Kafundó Vol. 1. Not only using Afro-Brazilian traditional rhythms and instruments, but many of these artists look beyond Brazil to the greater African diaspora. Songs using Brazilian popular rhythms such as samba, forro, and carimbó are fused with digital styles formed in the ghettos of Jamaica and the United States. In this they aim to reframe the sometimes-conflict-ridden Brazilian identity politics, to represent as participants in, and in solidarity with the global African diaspora.

This mix covers not only tracks from the compilation, but new remixes, mashups and extended family.


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